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The lightfoot crew have landed! Funky French brand Noel is now available in Australia. Designed entirely with kids in mind, Noel combine fresh styles, inspired by the latest fashion cues, with unique Smartlite® soles and exquisite leathers.

Website: www.noelshoes.fr
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The name that is synonymous with children's shoes in France and known the world over, Babybotte was founded by Georges Bidegain in 1956 with a zeal to manufacture the finest childrens shoes.



Shoes that are full of personality, very high profile, the result of a meticulous, obessive and intense selection of colours and materials which must meet strict quality standards, and protocols inspired by wellbeing, comfort, as well as the most contemporary fashion trends. The craftsmanship of Romagnoli's manufacturing, combined with a fresh and creative approach, makes the shoes worn by children a shining symbol of Made In Italy in the world!